FAQ - victorgphoto


Do you provide video in your packages?

I specialize in still photography, striving hard everyday to be able to deliver incredible images that you will cherish and love as much as your marriage!  Because I spent all of my time and effort in this direction, I do not offer video in any of my photo packages.  But I can definitely get you in contact to many incredible wedding videographers that do just that!

Do you travel or do destination weddings?

With every wedding package, I will travel up to a 100 mile radius around Sacramento for free!  Anything outside of the radius will be subject to a traveling fee.  If you want to have a destination wedding, I would love to be a part of it! Rates and fees are on a case by case basis.

How much coverage are included in your packages?

You get me all day!  Many photographers, I've noticed, give "blocks" of time for their weddings.  Its a sneaky way to do business, as it puts added stress on the bride and groom to only have the photographer for a certain length of time, to which you will certainly go over and have huge overtime fees.  I do no such thing!  I am there from when you are getting ready in the morning, to when you no longer need me!  Wedding photographers should be there to be able to capture any moment possible of your special day.

How many photos will I get?

Photos average between 500-700 with a single shooter.  That's a lot of photos!

What is your photography style?

I do a beautiful combination of photo-journalistic and posed photos.  There is definitely a time and place for both on your wedding date!  So I make sure I capture all of those candid moments during the day, and get direction and posing with we are taking portraits!

How many photographers will I get?

With my wedding packages you will get 1 photographer, and 1 assistant, to help with gear, lighting and setup.  I do offer a second shooter to be added to any of my packages, which is an incredible offer, because you get a different angle of the events and a full picture of everything happening!

I have heard so much about PhotoBooths, Do you have one?

I love love love the idea of a photobooth!  Right now I do not have one, but it is definitely in the works!  When it is up and operational, I will post about it and have the option to include it in our packages.


What is in your bag?

I am a Nikon shooter, and equip myself with their awesome arsenal.  I have two pro camera bodies to help me throughout the day.  I have multiple lenses, including: 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8, 35 1.8, and 50 1.4.  I have various speed lights to add for lighting, wireless triggers, and assorted gear to make sure your day and night are beautifully lit!

Do you photoshop?

I use a combination of photoshop and lightroom to edit photos.  While I do not do anything extreme and change the shape of people or things like that, I do color correct, do blemish removal, and add my own signature flare to the images.

Will I recieve RAW or unedited photos?

As a professional, I want my photos to be presented in the best possible way when they are out in the world and on the internet.  For that reason I do not release any photos that are unedited, nor do I give out any RAW images.

Do I own the copyrights to the photos?

This is a sticky subject, because there is a little misinformation that is usually incorporated in the photos.  When most people ask about obtaining the copyrights, they are asking for printing and display rights.  With every shoot I do, I release printing and display rights to the clients at no charge.  You will be able to make prints anywhere you like, and to display the photos anywhere as well, whether on facebook, or a blog, or website.  They may not be used without permission for any commercial purposes on your part though.  As well, because I am the photographer, I retain the rights to use them for promotional purposes and to have on my website and portfolio.

How do I go about getting prints or making an album? 

My site has made it really easy to be able to purchase prints right from the page itself!  All you have to do is find the photo you like, and in the top right corner is a little green shopping cart that will let you purchase that photo, or multiple photos from your page.  I offer many different printing sizes to choose from that are printed by professional printers and mailed directly to you.  For those whom are not as technical savvy, I also do my own personal printing too.  For albums, you and I work together to choose the best photos in your album and I create a layout for you to approve and then we send it all to our printer and binder and then shipped to you!  Inquire about album prices!

Do we need to have a pre-shoot consultation? What can I expect?

Pre-shoot consultations are definitely not required, but I really recommend them.  This gives us one-on-one time to get to know each other, and learn what the other is about.  I go through the steps of service with you, and together we put together ideas of what you want from our session together.  We can meet at the studio or in a coffee shop closer to you!

After shoot meet?

After our session, it is very common to do an after shoot meet.  Together we go through the photos taken of our day together and decide on prints and potential albums together!

What should I wear to my shoot?

I want you to be comfortable!  Many couple like to dress is matching solid colors, which always look great in photos, but I always encourage freedom of expression and patterns.  The best guide I have learned is to go onto pinterest and search through the different portraits online.  They give great ideas based on season and location!

What if the weather is horrible? Can I reschedule?

Sometimes there are things that are out of our control, inclement weather is one of them.  While a little rain has never hurt anyone, torrential downpour has!  I strive very hard to keep a shoot on track, and while the sun might not be the shiniest, or the colors outside my not be the most vivid, the photos we create will still come out beautiful.  I do a lot of shoots daily so rescheduling due to inconvenient weather is not really an option. In the event of something extreme, we will reschedule to a date that is good for both of us.

I have a family emergency, can I reschedule?

Life has a funny way of getting in the way of our best laid plans.  That being said if things are necessary, I allow one reschedule to a later date.  But sufficient notice is required on cancellations and rescheduling.

When is the best time to shoot?

Many people are aware of whats called "golden hour".  Its the couple hours before the sunsets when conditions are beautiful and colors are vibrant.  This is an excellent time to shoot.  But what is so incredible about our location and Sacramento is that we get incredible sunlight throughout the whole day.  We don't have to worry about harsh sunlight, or bad shadows, as much as other cities.  We are definitely lucky in being able to take advantage of such beautiful light!

What payments do you accept?

I accept all major forms of pay, being credit card, cash, check, paypal, etc.  I send online receipts and invoices.

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